Creating Inspirational Apparel

Adding an inspirational message to a t-shirt, hoodie, polo, or even a sweatshirt or hat is a simple way to offer a positive message. These messages can include spiritual, religious, or simply positive affirmations to help put a smile on anyone’s face. Businesses, churches, organizations, and individuals throughout the Toms River area can design their own clothing to reflect their message.

When designing inspirational apparel, there are a few ideas and strategies to keep in mind. In planning your message and design in advance, you have full confidence the final result will be exactly what you want.

Consider the Message

When designing inspirational apparel, it is important to think about the message. The type of message or the content of the message should be targeted to your specific audience.

For example, if you are designing a t-shirt for a church group in Toms River, you may want to include a bit of scripture or a reference to a biblical verse. For general sales to the public, a universal message of hope, love, positivity, or happiness may offer a more inclusive message.

The amount of text is also important in any design. On motivational or inspirational apparel, the message should be clear and easy to read, with the design elements or the graphics enhancing the message.

Clothing Options

Next, consider the right type of apparel for your design. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, polos, or other shirt styles offer the option for larger text and messages on both the front and back of the item.

Smaller clothing items such as hats, bags, or even face masks are great options, but they have a smaller surface, which may require changes to the graphics, text size, and even the font selected.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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