Creating Personalized Sympathy Basket Arrangements in Ottawa, KS

Flowers are a traditional feature of funerals, meant to portray the respect, love and grief of the person who provides them. Some people request that guests give charitable donations rather than send flowers, but the most popular sign of respect is still Sympathy Basket Arrangements in Ottawa KS. Many mourners will leave the design of the basket to the florist. But if you would prefer to make the basket more personal, there are some tips to follow to keep it appropriate for this type of situation.

First, ask that the flowers be those which were loved the most by the deceased. If you are uncertain of what these may be and do not want to trouble the family, ask for something meaningful. For example, pink carnations are a symbol of remembrance and the popular lily represents the innocence returning to the departed soul.

If you have a photo of the deceased and yourself or just a nostalgic photo of them, have a small copy framed and displayed in the basket. Include a meaningful, handwritten note for the spouse or another family. Ask for snacks like fruits, nuts or sweets be added as comfort items for the family.

The Sympathy Basket Arrangements in Ottawa KS can be as simple or elaborate as the giver wishes to send. Obviously, more time and thought should be given to baskets that are for those that are close to you. You can assemble these on your own, through your own personal florist or have the arrangements handled by the funeral home.

Lamb Roberts offer a large selection of sympathy baskets and other memorial items that can be purchased in memory of any funeral they are arranging. They offer flowers, food and merchandise that can all be assembled together to create a meaningful and tasteful basket that will express the sympathy and respect of the giver.

As with any gift, it is the thought behind it that matters the most. Even if the family has requested that donations be given in lieu of flowers, most will still appreciate a food basket, tribute blanket or personalized memorial garden bench or stone.

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