Crooked Teeth? Cosmetic Dentists in Moorhead MN Can Straighten Them

Patients have different reasons for choosing reliable dentists in Moorhead MN. Some want to have regular checkups and have their teeth cleaned. Others want to have their smiles look prettier. In that case Blake Ristvedt Dental would be a great choice for them. Dr. Ristvedt trained with some of the most renowned cosmetic dentists and is now dedicated to perfecting every patient’s smile. She treats them with respect and listens carefully to how they want their teeth changed. She can use the latest technology to whiten teeth, straighten them, or fill gaps left by tooth extractions.

Many older patients hate the way that their crooked teeth look when they smile. So they don’t smile and everyone gets the wrong impression about their personality. They don’t have their teeth straightened because they can’t see wearing metal brackets and wires to business lunches or presentations. Dentists in Moorhead MN will surprise them with the fact that they may be able to straighten their teeth invisibly. Patients who qualify for the treatment will wear transparent aligners throughout the day and night. These aligners will gently nudge the teeth into their proper alignment. Every two weeks the dentist will examine the progress and provide the patient with a new aligner.

Invisalign is one of the more popular and respected brands for transparent aligners. It’s easy to begin the treatment. The dentist takes an impression of the upper and lower jaws and sends them to a dental laboratory. A skilled technician transforms these into digital information for computer software. The computer then determines where the teeth should be. It then creates the series of aligners that the patient will wear each day. While it is permissible to take the aligners out for eating or teeth cleaning, they should be worn the remainder of the day.

It’s important to use high-quality aligners. Cheaper ones have a tendency to yellow or cloud-up during the two weeks that they are in a patient’s mouth. When that happens, they are no longer invisible. Once the teeth are in their correct location, the patient will have to use a retainer for about a year. That lets the jaw harden and the teeth won’t slide back into their original location.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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