Deep cycle SLA solar batteries for off-grid power

Deep cycle sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are the battery of choice for use with off-grid solar and wind power systems. Although there are other modern batteries available, SLA dominates due to their relatively low cost, their predictable performance and their reliability. SLA solar batteries are those which take very little current to charge them, this allows the system to take maximum advantage of what little energy may be available. SLA solar batteries have an extremely high charge and discharge efficiency as well.

The primary difference between a starting battery and a deep cycle battery is the number of times they can be deeply discharged. The best that can be expected from a typical starting battery is no more than 150 discharges; a deep cycle battery on the other hand can easily reach 1200 discharge cycles. Deep cycle SLA batteries have heavier lead plates than normal starting batteries, this makes them capable of withstanding continued deep discharges but they tend to cost more due to the higher lead content.

Different types of SLA solar batteries

There are two different types of deep cycle SLA solar batteries, one is flooded and the other is sealed and valve regulated.

A flooded lead acid battery has a liquid electrolyte; this electrolyte requires periodic “topping up.” When this type of battery is charging it produced very volatile hydrogen gas which must be vented outside. A sealed lead acid battery on the other hand is just that; sealed. The battery is maintenance free and produces far less hydrogen gas while being charged.

Sealed lead acid batteries are available in three sub-types; wet, gel or AGM. The wet battery is primarily used for the leisure market and can usually tolerate 400 or 500 discharge cycles. An AGM battery (absorbed glass mat) is a battery which is manufactured with the electrolyte absorbed into a sponge like fiberglass mat, the electrolyte in a gel battery is in a gel like substance. The beauty of both gel and AGM is the fact that they will not leak if the case is damaged and they can be installed in any orientation.

There are a number of factors that must be considered when purchasing SLA solar batteries. Price is obvious but a low price is indicative of a lower quality battery. The amount of energy the battery can store, the cyclic life and build quality are all of equal importance. The best batteries are produced using advanced materials and plate design which give longer life and ensure higher charge efficiency.

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