Dentist Describes Benefits of Dental Implants in Shorewood WI

A time come in the lives of some people where they lose their natural teeth for one reason or another. Perhaps their teeth were knocked out and couldn’t be saved. Perhaps they have some degenerative disease that causes bone loss and their teeth fell out. Whatever the problem is, now is the time to consider what they will do to replace the teeth. Some people opt for dentures, but others are embarrassed to have teeth that they have to take out or that might slip around in their mouth. For such people, there are dental implants. There is a dentist who does Dental Implants in Shorewood WI. The team at the dental office wants to tell you the benefits of getting implants.

     *     Dental implants offer aesthetic benefits, as they resemble and function as your natural teeth. They are implanted into the gums and this makes for the realistic effect.

     *    Dental implants slow down bone loss because the implant is placed into the empty space, providing support for the tissue.

     *    The dental implant is great for retention. For those that have dentures, dental implants can have the dentures secured to them with special screws.

     *    Whereas some use bridges to replace a missing tooth, it must be understood that bridges require extra preparation for the surrounding teeth. A lot of times, the existing tooth structure is altered, or even destroyed to make room for the bridge. Dental implants are independent units that do not affect the adjacent teeth.

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