Determining If Your Child Needs Pediatric Speech Therapy in NJ

As a parent, it becomes difficult to determine when the words that are coming out of your child’s mouth are cute when pronounced wrong and when there is an actual speech issue. There is a fine line between thinking the phase will pass and getting help in the appropriate amount of time to improve their speech early on in life. If you are unsure of whether your child needs pediatric speech therapy NJ, there are a few simple things to consider.

Little to No Talking

One of the first telltale signs there might be a problem with your child’s speech is his reluctance to talk. Obvious signs, such as not talking at all, will likely have you at your pediatrician’s office often. However, sometimes parents overlook a child who doesn’t talk much, attributing it to shyness. The first area a pediatrician will investigate is your child’s hearing. Once the hearing is determined acceptable, other aspects, such as speech therapy, will be considered.

Not Using Sentences

By the age of three, your child should be using sentences to some degree. This does not mean he needs to be having adult-worthy conversations, but he should be able to talk in sentences that use more than one or two words. In addition, his vocabulary should be expanding. If you notice his phrases are filled with the same words over and over again, it is best to consult with a specialist in pediatric speech therapy in NJ.

Not Following Directions

Children should be able to follow simple directions by the age of three as well. Asking your child to point to something specific in a book or perform a certain action, such as jump up and down, should elicit a response. If the response you receive is not even close to what you requested, he might need a speech evaluation. In addition, if he is unable to answer the questions you ask him and simply repeats what you just said to him, you should seek help.

It is difficult to know when to take your child for a speech evaluation, but parents typically know best. If you feel as if there is a level of difficulty in articulating the speech or understanding what he hears, it is best to consult with a specialist in pediatric speech therapy in NJ. They can evaluate your child and either put your fears to rest or provide you with an individualized plan that will help get your child back on track.

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