Different types of home air conditioners

The number of variations of air conditioners that are commercially available for use in the home is quite wide. There is unitary, window, PTAC, portable, split, central, ducted, ductless, etc. Although they are all performing the same function, the air conditioning installation in Spring Hill TN is different for each type.

There may be different air conditioning types in the same home, it is not uncommon to have a window unit in a room that is frequently occupied, a portable unit that can be rolled from place to place and the whole home centrally air conditioned. One thing is common, and that is the five basic components that are required in any air conditioner; the refrigerant, the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and the evaporator coil. Without these core components the unit will not function, it is simply not an air conditioner.

Window unit:

This type of unit is commonly called a window air conditioner but technically speaking, it is a unitary unit as all the five major components, plus other operating apparatus is contained in one single package that can be slid through a hole in the wall or mounted in a window frame. All it requires is an appropriately sized electrical connection and after the AC installation services in Spring Hill TN has been completed, turn it on and warm air is ejected outside and cool air is blown into the room.

Portable air conditioner:

This is another example of a unitary air conditioner. This unit contains all the necessary components in a single box that can be rolled from room to room. These units are not practical for large spaces; 500 square foot is about the maximum. They are simply plugged into a wall socket and an exhaust hose is hung out the window. As the unit runs, the warm air from the room is discharged outdoors through the hose.

Central air conditioning:

This system is by far the quietest, best performing and the unit that provides maximum comfort. The primary consideration prior to installation is to size the unit correctly for the size of the home.

A central system consists of two different packages; the condenser and the evaporator, these units are connected by copper tubing carrying the refrigerant. The condenser sits outdoors; it holds the compressor, coils and fan. The evaporator is located indoors, it is located in the furnace plenum; this allows the air conditioner to use the same ducting as the furnace.

Air conditioning installation in Spring Hill TN can be accomplished efficiently and professionally by the technicians at Spring Hill Heating & Cooling.

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