Different Types of Lighting and How They’re Used

Although lighting is clearly a household essential, it’s surprising how little thought is given to how it is to be utilized and what type and positioning is most suitable for homes or offices. If you’re keen to ensure you are using lighting to its maximum potential, understanding the three most common lighting variations and how they might best be incorporated into your living space is a good start. Find out below what forms of lighting are most commonly seen in America and how to adapt them to your needs.

Focused Lighting

Obviously activities such as reading, food preparation, studying or craft activities require a more focused, intense light source than needed for less specific activities. Ideally, task based lighting needs to be fairly bright and capable of being altered to concentrate on one specific area. Adjustable lamps are common examples of this type of lighting, such as those found amongst the pieces in the Rich Brilliant Willing furniture collection. Portable lighting can work particularly well, enabling you to have the right light level wherever you are in the home.

Ambient Lighting

This is the general lighting which is usually found in the form of a central overhead chandelier, pendent or other intriguing design. Its purpose is to provide a reasonable level of illumination throughout the room, enabling people to have enough light to undertake everyday activities without the intensity and glare of more focused, task orientated lighting. Nearly all rooms need ambient lighting, although being able to vary its intensity in order to match the illumination to differing times of day or varying space functions is always useful.

Lighting to Provide an Accent

Arguably the most fun filled element of any lighting design, accent lighting such as that created by Rich Brilliant Willing furniture is intended to draw the eye towards a particular focal point in the room. Whether it’s used to highlight a favorite ornament, emphasize a forgotten corner or simply placed strategically to provide an appealing feature in its own right, accent lighting has the power to completely transform a room.

In order to achieve a balanced, functional lighting design, it’s usually best to incorporate all three forms of lighting into your interior design scheme. Luckily there is a fantastic selection of lighting options on offer, ensuring there’s always an appropriate fixture out there to convey just the impression you want. Rich Brilliant Willing furniture produces innovative, spectacular lighting fixtures which work well in any setting. You can find further information and examples of designer work at Twentieth.net.

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