Do Not Take Your Driving Privileges Into Your Own Hands; Hire a DUI Lawyer in Philadelphia PA

It is never smart to drink and drive. The resulting outcome can have an impact not only on your life, but on the lives of others, if you are involved in vehicle accident as a result of your actions. Even if you are not in an accident but caught drinking and driving, it can have a substantial impact on your life. If you choose to drink and drive, sooner or later you may have the need to hire a DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA.

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are several charges that fall under the DUI laws. They are DUI, or driving under the influence; DUID or driving under the influence of drugs; DAI or driving after imbibing; and DWI or driving while intoxicated. If charged and arrested for an alcohol related infraction, the penalties are based on the blood alcohol levels or BAC at the time of arrest. There are three different categories and these categories are broken into .08 – .099%, .10 – .159% and .16% and up. While there is minimum sentencing guidelines based on each of these categories, there are a broad range of options. A good DUI lawyer Philadelphia PA, can help to prepare your case to ensure that the minimum options are applied.

Jury trails are not permitted for a first offense. These are viewed by the court as ungraded misdemeanors. If there is a second offense that results in a BAC of .16 or higher, or a third or subsequent offense, a jury trial would be an option. There is also a ten year look back period, which will allow the court to consider all charges within the last ten years. Even for a first offense, a DUI Attorney Philadelphia PA maybe needed. At minimum with a BAC of .08 – .099% a person is looking at six months probation and a $300 fine. If the BAC is elevated to .16 or higher, that person could be facing three to six days in jail; a $1,000 – $5,000 dollar fine; a twelve month license suspension and having to go to alcohol highway safety school. The penalties for drinking and driving are substantial, and a good attorney could be a great investment.


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