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Every home or building must be connected to a septic tank system if there are no public sewers available. This type of wastewater disposal system typically consists of a large concrete tank connected to a drainfield. The size of the tank depends on the number of bedrooms in the house. For example, a three bedroom home requires a 1,000 gallon tank while a four bedroom home requires a 1,250 gallon tank. The square footage of the house as well as the number of people living there may also be factors in sizing the tank. After installation, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance on the system such as Drain Cleaning in Portland OR.

A septic tank allows the wastewater from the toilet, shower, washing machine, and other water using fixtures to deposit the heavy material or sludge on the bottom of the first compartment of a two compartment tank. There is also a scum layer of grease and oil on the top of the wastewater in the tank. This partially cleaned water moves to the second compartment where more sludge and scum may separate before the water leaves the tank as effluent. This effluent travels through perforated pipes that allow it to seep into the soil for more cleaning. The soil acts as a filter before the effluent reaches the groundwater below. This is how a septic tank system works.

Regular maintenance requires pumping the septic tank out every two to five years and Drain Cleaning in Portland OR. MP Plumbing is a fine company that can provide you with this essential service. Regular maintenance will keep your septic system running efficiently so that more expensive problems don’t pop up. For example, septic system failure means that waste is backing up into your home or is bubbling up in the backyard. The most common reason for septic failure is improper maintenance. If the sludge is not pumped out on a regular basis, it may build up and eventually clog the outlet for the effluent. In addition to the odor and mess you will have to clean up, there is also the possibility of disease from the pathogens in the wastewater. Your system will probably have to be replaced and this is very expensive.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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