Eastside Urgent Care: Occupational Health Anderson OH

by | Dec 24, 2013 | Health

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Urgent care facilities are similar to emergency rooms, but with some major differences. One of the main differences would be cost. Treatment at an urgent care facility typically costs as much as 75 percent less than the same care in an average emergency room. Additionally, urgent care facilities have shorter wait times than most emergency rooms.

Urgent care facilities are perfect for specific types of visits. These include average slip and fall accidents or minor stitches and broken bones. Basically, they are the perfect location to go when you have something too bothersome to wait for your doctor to see you, but not so serious that your life is in danger.

Most urgent care facilities will have on-site laboratories and testing capabilities which make them perfect for occupational medicine. Work physicals, drug testing and any other testing required of employees as a term of their employment are also performed there.

Eastside Urgent Care is the perfect example of this type of facility. Over 75,000 residents in Ohio have already visited this convenient facility. They provide all of the minor emergency needs that would be treatable in an emergency room as well as services for Occupational Health Anderson OH.

At Eastside they provide rehabilitation and worker’s compensation management programs. They offer corporate flu shots, on-site EKGs and laboratory testing. There have vision and hearing screening, offer digital x-rays and perform physicals which meet with DOT standards.

If your company is in need of Occupational Health Anderson OH, they can work with you individually to create a program which meets your personal needs.

For individual needs they offer everything from checking a sore throat to offering breathing treatments for an asthma attack. Life threatening issues and concerns should still be managed by an emergency room, but if you have a bad cough, an odd rash or a sprained ankle an urgent care facility will save you time and money.

Urgent care facilities such as Eastside Urgent Care accept nearly all insurance plans, offer discounted rates compared to emergency rooms and require no appointment. Consider these facilities for yourself or your employees. Save time and money and keep emergency rooms open for those with life threatening issues. Consider your urgent care facility for your needs.

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