Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favor Bags

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Shopping

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Weddings are always memorable and timeless, and the décor and gift bags should be no different. It is often hard to get gift bags and wine holders that will fit in with wedding décor themes, because most bags on the market are made of poor quality materials, and they aren’t very good for the environment either. If you want to go green to have your wedding environmentally friendly, then CarryGreen burlap wedding favor bags are the perfect choice. From favor bags to all-natural wine jute burlap bags, you can get all types of natural bags that will make your wedding classy, unique, and eco-friendly.

Customize Your Burlap Wedding Bags

The great thing about burlap wedding bags is that they can be fully customized to your specifications. If you want the bride and groom’s names printed on them, the marriage date, or any other information, you can personalize them for your event. Small jute wedding favor bags come in an array of styles, and they are reusable and recyclable. The bags are fashionably designed, they are affordable, and they are made with high quality standards in mind. Whether you want natural and black colored designs for men, brown, sage green, or any other natural coloring, you will have plenty of options to have the perfect bags on your special day. The bags often have laminated interiors, so the options are endless.

Personalizing All-Natural Wine Bags

Wine and champagne are seen at most weddings, so what better way to display or carry your wine bottles than in trendy jute/burlap wine bags. The bags are perfect to use at your wedding reception, or they are perfect to save as mementos as well if you want to have them personalized. They are made of 0f 100% jute material which is incredibly durable so that your wine bottles won’t break, and they make perfect gifts as well if you want to personalize them with your wedding names and dates to give to wedding guests. The options are endless when it comes to all-natural wine bag holders. You can get them with or without window flaps, and they come in a variety of designs. The bags are quite affordable, and you can often get shipping discounts if you purchase them in bulk.


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