Establishing Your Rights To Benefits With Social Security Lawyers In Nashville, TN

Social Security Lawyers Nashville TN provide you with the tools you need to file an effective disability claim. Social security or supplemental security income presents disabled individuals with a guaranteed monthly income. This income is based on the severity of your disability and the effects it has on your life. Typically, these benefits are awarded to individuals with permanent mental or physical disabilities that prevent them from becoming gainfully employed. To discuss these options with an attorney contact Michael D. Ponce and Associates.

Establishing Your Right to Benefits

In order to establish your right to receive social security benefits, it is necessary for you to present sufficient medical evidence to the court. By filing a claim in court instead of the Social Security Administration, the decision is made by a judge who reviews your evidence and claim. With the SSA, they rely on doctors who may not be familiar with your medical condition and may fail to recognize the symptoms and make a misdiagnosis.

Local Disability Attorney

Michael D. Ponce and Associates provide you with effective legal representation to assist you in acquiring disability benefits. These attorneys review your denial of social security benefits and determine a beneficial course of action to file a new claim through court. In some cases, a denial of benefits occurs when there is not sufficient evidence of the disability. These attorneys can help you gather the necessary evidence to refile your claim. If you need assistance with a disability claim, contact Michael D. Pone and Associates or Browse Site at


Social Security Lawyers Nashville TN assist you in acquiring social security disability benefits based on the severity of your disability. Any condition whether mental or physical that prevents you from working may qualify you for these benefits. However, to qualify for these benefits your disability must meet the guidelines established by the Social Security Administration. To determine whether your disability meets these requirements, you should speak to an attorney who practices within this legal field. If you are ready to establish your rights to disability benefits, contact Michael D. Ponce and Associates.


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