Everything You Need To Know About A Chicago Med Spa

Most people have never heard of a med spa and don’t know what it is. Typically, they are medical clinics and spas all put into one building with the supervision of a medical doctor. These spas treat many conditions, from face and body problems to liposuction and more. While the menu may vary depending on the state and clinic, you can usually receive laser hair removal, photo-facials, microdermabrasion, injectables, such as fillers or Botox, chemical peels, skin tightening procedures and more. In most cases, medical spas focus on the clinic options instead of the spa-day available, but some will offer massage or other body treatments.


Before making an appointment to your Chicago med spa, it’s important to know who owns the property and operates the clinic. Many times, the doctor does not own the building but supervises the operations or treatments. Each state has different regulations though most agree that a medical doctor must oversee any procedure performed at the clinic. However, this doesn’t mean he has to be on the premises, as a name is all that is necessary for the state regulations. Make sure the doctor will be there and meet him or her before the treatment you choose.


It is crucial to find out who is going to do the procedure and what type of training and licensing they have. While the doctor likely has a lot of training, he probably won’t be the one you see, so make sure that they know how to do the procedure and are licensed to do so. You should also consider looking at before/after photos of others who have had similar treatment.


Typically, treatments at these Med Spa Treatments in Kansas City are high because the equipment used is expensive to purchase. Ask them for information about their equipment, such as brand, name, and when it was purchased. You can research the product to find out if it is the newest technology available, so you know how safe it is.

Be Realistic

While it is important to listen to your doctor and do what they recommend, it is also important to note that these doctors are trying to get you in to have procedures. Think about what the cosmetic procedure will do for you and decide if it is necessary or preferable.

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