Extend Your Property with a Motorized Retractable Awning

Adding an extension to your property not only provides valuable additional space for you and your family to enjoy, it can also enhance the value of your home and if tastefully done can significantly increase its visual appeal. Unfortunately building work is expensive, which is why many families on a budget opt for Motorized Retractable Awnings over their porch, decking or patio area as a cost-effective way of enjoying all the benefits of an extra room without the unwelcome price tag. Have a look at how awnings allow you to enjoy the comforts of indoors while simultaneously benefiting from the advantages which outdoor living can bring.

Protection from Sun and Rain

When the sun shines and temperatures soar, especially during the middle of the day, protection from UV radiation is vital. Because Motorized Retractable Awnings are constructed using fabric which is treated to ensure most UV rays are blocked, as well as benefiting from waterproof material, you can enjoy the peace and beauty of your yard no matter what the weather brings simply by adjusting your awnings in line with the weather. Except in areas where there are extremely low temperatures or large amounts of snow, most people find with an awning in place they can take advantage of their outside space for most of the year.

Multi-purpose Space

One of the difficulties which inside space presents is its pre-determined use. For example a bedroom is usually fitted with a bed and storage space while a lounge commonly accommodates comfortable seating and entertainment equipment. What this means is that the functionality of interior space is quite limited, unlike the adaptability which outside space can enjoy. Provided you have appropriate motorized retractable awnings, your yard can become an entertainment venue for your friends and family, a dining area, a reading room, a study, a place for napping (add a hammock or recliners for ultimate comfort), a gym or even your home office!

Easy to Maintain and Operate

Just like any other space in your home, exterior fixtures and fixings require regular maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. Luckily motorized retractable awnings are carefully built to withstand temperature extremes and moisture, resulting in a durable product which requires minimal attention to keep it working flawlessly. What’s more, the shade which awnings provide ensures less sunlight enters through your windows, protecting interior rooms from the damaging effects of the sun and helping to keep your home cool during the hotter months.

An affordable and appealing alternative to installing more permanent sun protection in your yard, motorized retractable awnings offer a versatile and straight forward solution to your needs. If you’re considering awnings for your home, Eclipse Shading Systems provides a comprehensive selection of premium products which can be tailored to your particular requirements.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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