Facts all Drivers Should know about Dangerous Driving

by | Oct 7, 2013 | Automotive

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As a driver you don’t want to wind up needing the auto repair Dunedin FL drivers are faced with due to a collision. Here are some interesting statistics that show the importance of keeping your eyes on the road:

Driven to Distraction

Inattention or carelessness due to distraction was the cause of 84 percent of the fatalities in U.S. car accidents. In fact distraction was the cause of 65 percent of collisions and 80 percent of near crashes. To put it in more startling numbers easier to imagine, that is 4 million drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes in North America each year because drivers were not paying attention to the road.

Common Causes of Distraction

Cell phone use was found to be the most common cause of car accidents involving distracted drivers. In fact, drivers texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident compared to a focused driver. Here are some more common causes of driver distraction:

  • If you talk on your cell phone you are four to five more times likely to end up in a collision
  • Drivers who read while driving are three times more likely to get into an accident
    Ladies who apply makeup while driving are also three times more likely to cause an accident
  • Reaching for an object while your car is in motion means you are nine times more likely to wind up in an accident
  • Dialling on a hand held device increases your potential for accidents by three times and talking or listening on a hand held device increases your chance for being involved in an accident by 1.3 times

Driving with Kids

It might not come as a surprise to most parents that driving with kids in the car can prove to be a real distraction. Kids prove to be four times more distracting than when you drive with adult passengers. And when driving with an infant they are eight more times distracting.

A Few More Numbers

Here are a few more distractions from the AAA:
1. Radio tuning 11.4 percent
2. Adjusting the heating 2.8 percent
3. Eating and drinking 1.7 percent

If you want to avoid the need for the Auto Repair Dunedin, FL distracted drivers need after an accident stay focused and drive safe.
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