Family Dentistry in Port Orange, Fl Can Keep a Person’s Mouth Healthy

People feel more comfortable when they get treatment from a medical professional that they know well. That’s why it’s important to select a Family Dentistry in Port Orange, FL practice that can treat all members of the family in a wide number of practice areas. Patients should know that they can rely on them for general cleanings and checkups. Not only will this keep any dental problems small, it can also identify oral cancers when they are in their most treatable stages.

Dentists at Beville Dental Care are skilled in preventative medicine and cosmetic dentistry procedures. They can also act quickly in an emergency to perform a root canal to save a tooth or provide a comfortable tooth extraction. Once a root canal has been performed, the top of the tooth is often damaged. A dentist can place a porcelain or metal crown over the top of it to prevent further damage. Many people are devastated a the loss of a tooth. Dental implants have taken the emotional impacts away from tooth loss. When a titanium cylinder is drilled into the person’s jawbone, it prevents the bone from deteriorating. After a porcelain crown is attached to the top, the patient’s smile is completely restored. Even if the person lost a front tooth, not too many people ever guess that it’s not real.

Cosmetic procedures are often requested at Family Dentistry in Port Orange, FL. They are a certified Invisalign provider. These clear trays can gently straighten teeth, with no unslightly braces. The process begins with the dentist taking impressions of the upper and lower jaw. A technician transforms this information into digital data that a computer uses to create a series of clear trays. The patient wears one for about two weeks and then gets a new one. Eventually everyone knows that the person looks better, but they may not know why.

A dentist that is trained in many different techniques can discuss patient concerns and offer many different solutions. People are reassured when their family dentist can straighten their teeth, perform a root canal or insert a dental implant. They are more likely to seek prompt dental treatment and have a healthy mouth.

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