Fencing Solutions to Expect from Fence Companies in Queens County NY

Homeowners use fencing for a variety of reasons. Fences can serve as a deterrent to intrudes, for privacy, as a decorative element, and to increase the value of your home. Fencing is an investment as much as it is a home improvement for your property. If you are considering having a fence installed on your Queens County property you should know about the basic types of fencing solutions provided by fence companies in Queens County, NY.

Cedar Wood

Cedar is a great type of wood for fencing. It is attractive, durable, and can serve your purpose for fencing. The various styles include tongue and groove, lattice, Victorian picket, traditional picket, stockade, solid panels, and other styles to suit your property needs. Not only will you choose your fencing material, but also the hardware, topper, posts, edging, and any other decorative elements like arbors or pergolas. These elements create a beautiful backyard environment.


Polyvinyl chloride is the long term for PVC. It is a type of durable vinyl that can be used for quality, almost maintenance-free fencing. Homeowners with little time to tend to wood fencing choose this option since it only takes an occasional rinse or wash to keep it looking new. The same styles you get with cedar wood can be found in PVC fences. Another appealing aspect of PVC fencing is that it comes in a variety of colors as well as styles.

Chain Link

Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable of fencing materials. It is durable, comes in various sizes, gauges, and can be coated for further rust-proofing. It is a standard fence type that is not conducive to privacy unless you get slats to add to it to cover the openings. It is often used as a deterrent in industrial yards, schools, and other residential and commercial applications.

These are the three most popular options for fencing. Other options can include aluminum that looks like wrought iron, vinyl rock wall barriers, and porch, deck, and pool railings. Regardless of what kind of fencing you want, quality fence companies in Queens County, NY will be able to work with you. All Island Fence & Railing provides quality products and services for fencing your residential or commercial property.

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