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Lots of people have at least a little apprehension about going to a dentist. For some people the anxiety and fear about the potential for discomfort and pain all but disables them. What they need is a dental practice that has sedation dentistry available. This is a style where the dentist is able to administer sedatives and understands techniques that helps the patient feel more clam and relaxed about their being treated. In very severe cases of anxiety, the dentist can even put the patient to sleep during their treatments. A Dentist in St. Petersburg that practices this kind of dentistry assess each patient to see just what level of sedation treatment is needed.

Having a Dentist in St. Petersburg that has more than one specialty is a comfort to some patients. They want a single provider that can handle all of their gum and teeth needs. They have greater respect for having the services of a dentist, periodontist, orthodontist as well as an oral surgeon. They would also appreciate it if there was an emergency dentist available when they are experiencing severe pain from an injury that has caused damage to their mouth. An office like NuSmile Dental has all of these services available and an emergency dentist available as well.

Not only does NuSmile Dental provide those services, they also have the ability to handle cosmetic dental services. You can ask about professional teeth whitening, dentures, braces, veneers, TMJ treatments and complete smile makeovers. In fact, if a patient has been in an accident and needs dental reconstruction, this is one of the dental practices that can be called to help. If someone goes to a school baseball or football game and gets hit in the face so hard that a tooth gets knocked out, an emergency room at a local hospital won’t be much help. They will just provide pain medication and have the patient see a dentist as quickly as they can. An emergency dentist might be able to re-insert the tooth if it is brought in and kept wet with a soft damp cloth. If the tooth is so damaged that it can’t be re-inserted, the emergency dentist can advise the family about having a dental implant done to have the tooth replaced with an artificial one. The dental implant provides a very secure replacement, even more secure than naturally growing teeth.

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