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Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Although many people anticipate that a dental visit will be painful and expensive, this is just not the case. Dentists do what they can to offer procedures and cleanings that are as gentle and comfortable as they possibly can be and dental offices offer a variety of payment options that can make even the most expensive work affordable.

Patients looking for a Dentist Glenolden will find a dental office that offers not only the usual services but cosmetic procedures as well. These procedures range from Teeth Whitening to Invisalign to dental implants. Regardless of the desired cosmetic procedure, financing is available to help make a dream smile into reality.

The Teeth whitening procedure can make a huge impact on a smile. Although several appointments may be required to achieve the desired results, the outcome from the first visit will be dramatic. Patients will be amazed at the difference between their new smile and the old one.

Other cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign are used at Dentist Glenolden to straighten a patient’s teeth without the metal brackets being applied to the teeth in the traditional realignment method. The device can be removed for brushing and flossing and then reapplied so the straightening continues. Several different devices are used during the process with the result being straight teeth! After straightening, the patient may choose to whiten their teeth resulting in a totally winning smile!

Traditional services provided include cleaning, crowns, root canals, tooth extraction (including wisdom teeth), and much more. Even if a patient doesn’t choose a cosmetic procedure, regular cleaning and prompt attention to any dental problems will keep teeth healthy and looking their best. Patients who maintain their teeth with regular dental hygiene will find dental appointments a lot more pleasant than those who do not.

Aldan Family Dental offer services to meet your dental needs all under one roof. In addition to the cosmetic procedures and traditional services offered at Dentist in Glenolden for the entire family, no-appointment emergency procedures are provided as well. Regardless of the problem, a patient can call and be seen that day and have their emergency attended to as quickly as possible.




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