Finding A Reputable Transmission Repair Shop in Salt Lake City

It would be great if we could buy a new car when the one we have develops mechanical problems, but that is usually not possible. We are forced to get the car repaired and hope it lasts for a while longer. What if there was an auto repair shop that could repair the car to run like new? That would be the ideal situation. Transmissions can go out at the worst times and have to be fixed or replaced right away. Many car owners have chosen a car repair shop that looked good, but then did not do a good repair job. This costs the car owner time and money. This time look for a good transmission repair shop in Salt Lake City.

Quick Lube Inc. have been in business for over 20 years doing both minor and major car repairs. Their mechanics are all ASE certified and very well trained. The vehicle will be repaired, quickly, efficiently and reliably by mechanics who know what they are doing. Satisfaction is guaranteed in writing for your peace of mind. They are a good transmission repair shop in Salt Lake City. They also do many kinds of other car repairs that one may need during the lifetime of a car. When something goes wrong with a car, they will look at it, and give a free repair estimate. They can repair both domestic and foreign cars so they will run like new.

This Salt Lake City auto repair shop has specials on many routine maintenance services to save the customer money. This business does tune ups, car AC repair, engine and transmission repair, brake repairs. shock and strut repair, oil changes, emission inspections, oil, belts and coolant service, fuel injector cleaning, inspections for safety on the road and much more. If a car part can break, they can fix it. A properly serviced and maintained car can run like new, be more gas efficient and last longer. Pricing is competitive and fair. Go to the website and check this company out.

Quick Lube, Inc.

5555 South 900 East,
Salt Lake City, UT, US, 84117
(801) 281-2121
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