Finding Affordable Laser Eye Surgery

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Eye Care

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LASIK eye surgery is a commonly performed laser eye surgery, used to correct vision impairments such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  During the procedure, an ultraviolet light is used to reshape the cornea, correcting malformation and allowing light to be properly reflected inside the eye.  The LASIK procedure has been being performed for more than twenty years, and is a safe, virtually painless way to restore vision and end use of glasses or contact lenses.  However, LASIK can be expensive.  When seeking affordable LASIK eye surgery, it is important to check into the following options.

Cost and Payment
The average LASIK eye surgery can be expensive.  Affordable LASIK eye surgery is most safely obtained by choosing a reputable facility who either offers payment plans, accepts Flexible Spending Account payments, or is contracted to provide discounted rates to members of certain insurance companies.  Avoid LASIK clinics that advertise “buy one get one” specials, or other gimmicks, as most often these facilities make up for their discounted prices with poor conditions or inexperienced doctors.

LASIK vs. Lenses
Consumer-based studies show that contact lens wearers spend approximately $300 per year on contact lenses and cleaning solution.  This figure excludes the cost of eye exams.  It is commonly believed that, after ten to twelve years of contact lens wearing, a patient would break even with the cost of LASIK eye surgery.  Both methods of vision correction can end up costing the same amount, making the decision as to whether or not to have LASIK surgery completely dependent on the patient’s desires.  Those with impaired vision who do not have an issue wearing glasses or contact lenses may find that LASIK is not a fit for them.  However, those who are tired of keeping track of a pair of eyeglasses, or who are overwhelmed with the wearing and cleaning of contact lenses may find a sense of freedom in having an affordable laser eye surgery performed.

At Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley, we work with our patients to make LASIK surgery an affordable option, without asking that they sacrifice safety or quality.  We offer convenient payment plans, and accept Flexible Spending Accounts for payment.  Visit us today at for more information.

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