For A Career In Animation Take A Maya Training Program

There are many different programs on the market today to assist in creating amazing 3Dgraphics, animation and models. Making the decision as to which type of course to take to learn more about 3ds Max, Revit or a Maya training program is really a function of the type of work the student is interested in pursuing.

Generally Revit it used specifically for Building Information Modeling or BIM to create 3D renderings for the building and architectural industries. The 3ds Max program is used for animation in studios for modeling, motion graphics and character animation.

Why Take Maya Training?

Maya training program is essential for anyone interested in working in 3D animation within the film industry. While 3ds Max is used in many applications, studios in particular favor Maya because it is easier and more readily customized to create just the tools needed.

Completing an online Maya training program is a must for anyone interested in game development. Many professionals with extensive experience in Maya report it has a better workflow than the other 3D animation software options, allowing for faster overall project completion.

These programs allow students to learn through online training which includes instructional videos, self-paced learning materials and live online instructor led training. This combination is perfect for those with experience in the field of 3D animation looking to increase their proficiency with the Maya software.

Getting Started

A top Maya training program will typically require all participants to have some current experience and training with the Maya software. This usually means those who have limited experience or no experience will be required to take a foundation type of program.

For anyone with experience in using Maya software this is a big benefit for training. It allows the more advanced class to briefly cover the foundation concepts and then move into the more complex issues with advanced lighting, effects, inorganic and organic modeling, body animations, facial animations and cloth and hair animation.

By completing the foundation course and the advanced Maya training program students will have not only a theoretical knowledge but also the opportunity to complete real-world projects. With this experience, and while under the guidance of trained course instructors, excellent work habits are developed. The added recognition of completing a highly regarded training also adds to your marketability and ability to land the job you want.

For anyone considering an introductory or advanced Maya training program look no further than the 3D Training Institute. To see more about our programs visit us at

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