Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Asbestos Removal In CT

If you suspect that your commercial building contains asbestos, it’s imperative that you have it inspected right away. If the inspection confirms that you have asbestos in your building, contact an experienced company that performs Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT. This substance is unhealthy for everyone who comes into contact with it and it should only be removed by a qualified company. Read the frequently asked questions below about this important service.

Q.) In what types of building materials will asbestos be found?

A.) Many older buildings, built before the 1970’s, are constructed with various products made from asbestos. This fire resistant substance, which consists of a fibrous mineral, was often used as an insulator in buildings. Some of the materials that contained asbestos included roofing materials, pipe insulation, ceiling tiles and joint compound.

Q.) Why must asbestos be removed from a building by a certified company?

Asbestos particles from the materials of these products float through the air and you can breathe them into your lungs. It often takes many years before you notice any symptoms of asbestos exposure. When you breathe in asbestos particles, you run the risk of scarring your lungs or developing a type of cancer called mesothelioma. For this reason, only trained professionals should perform Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT.

Q.) How does a company that performs Commercial Asbestos Removal in CT remove the asbestos from a building?

A.) Since working around asbestos is dangerous, only a qualified and experienced company should perform this job. Trained professionals wear protective clothing and face masks to protect themselves while removing the asbestos. After placing the materials in special containers, the crew transports the materials to a specified location for safe disposal. After the asbestos abatement company removes the hazardous materials, a licensed inspector will inspect the building to make sure that all of the asbestos has been properly removed.

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