Frequently Asked Questions About Rebuilding A Chimney

An old or damaged chimney is often unsafe to use because of the danger of a fire or the structure falling down. If you suspect that your chimney isn’t safe, contact a chimney inspector to thoroughly examine the inside and outside of your chimney. If the inspector concludes that your chimney is hazardous, contact an experienced company that specializes in Chimney Rebuilding in Bergen County NJ. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about rebuilding a chimney.

Q.) What does an inspector look for to determine if a chimney needs to be rebuilt?

A.) The inspector will examine the mortar joints to look for missing or loose mortar. When the mortar isn’t sufficiently holding the bricks in place, the chimney can eventually fall. Bricks that are broken, cracked or deteriorated can also cause a chimney to collapse. In addition to the possibility of a falling chimney, cracks in the bricks can keep the smoke from going out of the top of the chimney. In some cases, the smoke will travel the opposite direction and flow into your house. The inspector will look for areas of moisture or rust in the firebox. If the moisture is present, this can cause the tiles in the chimney to crack.

Q.) Are there different types of chimney rebuilding methods?

A.) There are different types of chimney rebuilding, and the repair method depends on the condition of the chimney. When the top section of the chimney above the roof is the only part that’s deteriorating, a company that performs Chimney Rebuilding in Bergen County NJ will tear down only the faulty portion of the chimney and then replace it. If the entire chimney is leaning or if there are numerous bricks missing, the chimney professionals will tear down the whole structure and build a new chimney from the ground up. With both scenarios, the chimney professionals will add a new crown after the top of the chimney has been constructed.

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