From Local to Exotic, Restaurants in Gaithersburg Cover the Range With Spectacular Food

Serving as it does as home base for so many who work in bustling, nearby Washington D.C., Gaithersburg has an extremely robust hospitality sector. The high-powered lobbyists, lawyers, politicians, and economists who come home to the city every night expect just as much in the way of creature comfort as they find in the larger town where they spend their working days, and restaurateurs have responded with enthusiasm. Restaurants in Gaithersburg, then, cover the gamut of popular–and even less well-known–styles, with an emphasis in every case on quality above all else.

The blue crab being so central to Maryland’s culinary identify, it’s hardly surprising to find it offered on many menus around the city. Some restaurants, in fact, have made real names for themselves specializing in preparing these sweet-tasting little arthropods, and residents of the city will often make sure that guests from out of town get to sample them at least once. The traditional Maryland crab boil remains a popular way of serving the creatures, but most restaurants also offer crab cakes. These latter dishes vary from very traditional, simple ones designed to highlight the flavor and quality of the crab meat within, to more sophisticated preparations that are often playful in their innovations, though always flavorful.

Crab shacks are far from the last word when it comes to restaurants in Gaithersburg, however. With the cosmopolitan influence of nearby D.C. being felt so strongly, a great variety of establishments specializing in the cuisines of other countries also flourish. Nowadays, a diner in the city can choose from among superb Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and regional Chinese restaurants, and go months if not more without having to visit the same one twice. Where they had once felt confined to adjusting their recipes to suit basic American tastes, the proprietors of these restaurants now often proudly point to their authenticity, as many more Americans have become adventurous and curious enough to make this a selling point.

Those looking for less exotic fare are well-served, too. Gaithersburg has a fantastic selection of top-notch steakhouses, as well as comforting restaurants that focus on traditional American fare. The city lacks for very little at this point, in fact, and seems poised to become an even more impressive culinary destination. Visit

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