Garden Flags In The Winter Months

No matter where you live in the USA from the northern states that border with Canada to the southern states that border with Mexico, finding decorations for a winter garden is always a challenge. In all types of weather conditions from snow to rain garden flags can provide that dash of color and style in the garden that really makes you entire yard look different.

Winter garden flags tend to feature winter themes. This could include the beautiful birds that gather at the feeders this time of year or the typical iconic images of winter and Christmas. Snowmen, decorated trees, stocking and even Santa and his sleight are always popular garden flags for December and January.

Celebrating the Season

In all areas of the country winter is going to be drabber and less colorful, at least when it comes to actual plants. Adding a variety of bright and festive garden flags can turn a colorless garden area into a colorful spot. If you pair these with outdoor seasonal decorations you can make a wonderful look that is bright and vibrant during the day as well as at night when the lights are on.

Early and Late Winter

While the holiday season may be easy to decorate for, you can also use garden flags before you are putting out your Christmas decorations and after you take them down.

Look for flags that are bright and cheerful, adding a large or small spot of color. When these are used as part of your overall landscaping they can draw attention to the beautiful natural landscaping such as evergreen trees, yard ornaments and even your arbors and pagodas.

You can be playful with your garden flags even in the winter, especially in the late winter, and add a teaser of spring flowers to come. Place these flags over your tulip and daffodil beds to ensure that everyone is focused on the much anticipated change in the seasons.

If you don’t have garden flags in your landscaping you really are missing out on the opportunity to add to your outdoor decorations year round. Especially in the cold, dreary winter months this bright, light and fanciful flags are sure to add to your enjoyment of the beauty of each season.

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