Gas Log Fireplace Insert Versus Traditional Wood Burning Fireplace

Gas log inserts and traditional wood-burning fireplaces differ on many grounds. Some people still prefer to have the traditional wood-burning fireplaces but many are shifting toward gas inserts. However, choosing the right one for a particular house depends on the preferences of its owner.

What Are Gas Inserts?

A gas log fireplace insert can be installed in the space of a pre-existing masonry fireplace. The insert sits inside a metal box surrounded by a larger metal box and the gas flame heats the air in between these two boxes. The warm air is then emitted from its firebox into the room with the use of blowers.

Some Ways in Which Gas Inserts and Traditional Wood Burning Fireplaces Differ

Many key characteristics differentiate a gas log fireplace insert from traditional wood-burning fireplaces.


A gas fireplace insert is much simpler to use in comparison to the traditional fireplaces. One can even start it up using a remote control, whereas a wood-burning fireplace requires much more preparation.

Experience and Aesthetics

A gas insert may provide a clean, easy, and efficient heating experience, but when it comes to aesthetics, nothing can beat the look that a wood-based fireplace offers. The experience of hearing the wood actually crackling is also more satisfying.


Both types require maintenance; however, gas inserts are built with the proper safety features and are safer to run with less supervision. A much greater degree of supervision is required in the case of traditional wood-burning fireplaces to ensure safety.


The maintenance and cleaning of gas fireplace inserts are much easier and quicker. A traditional wood-burning fireplace, however, requires regular cleaning and much more care to remain in good working condition.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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