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In many businesses a decision to rent or buy equipment is often needed. In some instances it makes more sense to buy, this is especially true if there is an ongoing need for the item. In industry and construction there is often a need for specialty tools and equipment, these are usually required for a unique need on a specific job site and there is little chance that they will be used again. This being the case renting is the better way to go.

Hoist rental is a perfect case in point; as these devices are rarely needed it is far more advantageous for the contractor to rent than make an outright purchase. Renting provides a number of definitive benefits, not all are applicable to everything but the benefits are real.

  • No insurance to pay
  • No repairs or regular maintenance
  • No storage
  • No capital outlay

These are tangible advantages of renting, you also get the expertise of the professionals whom you rent from, you get the right hoist for the job and the hoist is modern and up to date.

When the decision has to be made whether hoist rental is the right move or not, there are burdens to ownership that must be considered.

  • Is it necessary to invest the capital?
  • Are there sufficient skills in the company to maintain and repair the equipment?

Large rental companies make significant annual investments to ensure that the hoists and other tools that are on offer are the newest and the most technologically advanced available, they also invest in staff that is experts in equipment repair and maintenance.

When the decision to rent equipment has been made, the company is in a position to bid on and take on jobs that may require tools that will be necessary but are not owned. The equipment does not have to be purchased; when it is required on the job site it is available upon demand.

Hoist rental makes a great deal of sense from a number of different angles; save money, save time, save on the cost of specialized personnel and never have to worry about tying up money which is a much needed commodity in any business.


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