Get Together In Hastings, MN For Your Next Family Reunion

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Business

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Whiles some family reunions are incredibly large and hundreds of people from many different families attend, most family reunions are relatively small events. If you are planning a family reunion in Hastings, MN there are some simple, structured planning tips that you can use to ensure that everyone has a terrific time.

Time of Year

One of the biggest issues for most people planning a family reunion in Hastings, MN is picking the right time of year. While summers are always popular and provide options to go to the St. Croix Valley Nature Center, the marinas, the Hastings Aquatic Center or the many vineyards and parks in and around the city, winters are also a great time.

Remember that the city is close to two ski resorts, snowshoeing in the Nature Center and cross country ski trails through the major parks. There are also outdoor and indoor skating rinks and a variety of cultural events to take in, particularly over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.


If you have a small gathering for your family reunion in Hastings, MN you may want to consider one of the smaller Inns in the city that allows you to have the entire place to yourself. This is a wonderful option especially for those that love history, luxury and elegance.

However, even if you are planning one of those huge family reunions in Hastings, MN having a choice of different styles and types of accommodations is a great idea. Have your guest book in advance or you can coordinate room booking for them based on the type of accommodation they prefer.

Things to Do

Spend some time planning out activities for everyone attending the family reunion in Hastings, MN. Call ahead and ensure that all venues and events are still going and have not be postponed or closed. Check opening times, prices and any restrictions for use of the facilities well in advance of your gathering.

Planning a family reunion in Hastings, MN is a lot of fun. You can always ask others in the family to help you and make it more of a committee type planning rather than trying to do it all yourself.

At Historic Inn on Ramsey, Get together for your next family reunion in Hastings, MN.

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