Get Your Gas Furnace Serviced Right

Keeping your home warm can be a disaster if your furnace isn’t reliable. Having an electric furnace can save you on your utilities by having just one bill each month, but can bite you in the rear when it comes to power outages or electrical problems. Having a Gas Furnace can help out tremendously in this area, by allowing you the freedom of having heat during the coldest of days without relying on your power being available. When a storm front comes in and knocks your power out, having a gas furnace may be the only thing keeping you warm throughout the outage.

A gas furnace offers a great benefit during power outages, but it can be just as much of a hassle as an electric one when it comes to repairs. A gas furnace can suffer from the same issues that any other furnace experiences if it isn’t taken care of properly. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and servicing is essential if you want your heating system to last for a long period of time. Replacing these appliances can be extremely costly, especially if you let something as small as a bad ignition system being faulty cause you to replace the entire unit. An ignition system provides the heat that a gas furnace needs, so fixing it when it first gives you a problem is important.

Unfortunately for many homeowners, catching a problem when it first arises can be impossible at times. While it’s an important thing to keep the problem from progressing, you don’t always have time to notice a problem when it first arises. This can lead to the situation getting to the point where more than just the original component at fault becomes damaged. A simple piece of debris can clog a fan and hinder it from turning properly. If not cleared out in a timely manner, the fan will slowly burn the motor out. This leads the homeowner to repair more than one component, which can end up costing them a lot more money. This is why it’s important to try to get a problem fixed as soon as possible, before it increases in severity. Hiring a reputable company like Poudre Valley Air can help you in this regard, by providing you with top quality service that will extend your furnace’s service life significantly.

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