Get Your License and Receive Placement Training in Truck Driving

The trucking industry is always in need of qualified drivers. Training schools offer programs to help you prepare for and pass your driving test for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in either class A or class B. A Class B CDL allows you to drive a straight truck or other single commercial vehicles. Class A allows you to drive a commercial vehicle with a manual transmission. That opens up your options to include many more commercial vehicles. Over the road,¬† driving is a 160 hour program that trains you for driving longer distances on the highways. Local training is 200 hours and focuses on driving in town and city traffic. Most courses consist of forty hours classroom time and the rest in the truck. Courses can be completed in as little as four weeks.

Placement Training in Truck Driving refers to programs that are designed to help you market your skills. Some schools also have placement programs with trucking companies for their highest ranking students. Standard participation in preferred placement programs usually requires you obtain a Class A CDL with full endorsements. You must pass all your classroom tests with an average of 85% or better. Another requirement is usually a criminal free background, or at least no convictions involving drugs or alcohol. Most placements are temporary, pending a probationary period. If you do well, it is possible to complete a course and have a job waiting for you.

Requirements for placement programs vary, so check with the school you choose to train you for your license. You will also need to look into specific programs and tuition, as they also vary from school to school. General requirements for beginning a program do not vary. You will need a permit and a copy of your driving record from the Secretary of State. A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is needed, as is a DOT drug test. Most schools also subject drivers to random drug testing while they are enrolled in a course. If you are serious about a new career and learn quickly Placement Training in Truck Driving can get you off to a solid start.

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