Getting a Puppy Cut from a Dog Groomer in Alexandria, VA

When dog owners visit a groomer and request a puppy cut for their dog, it is important to make sure the dog groomer and the dog’s owner are on the same page. There is no official grooming technique that is defined by the term. That is making expectations clear is the key to a successful relationship with a dog groomer in Alexandria, VA.

What Is a Puppy Cut?

This is the million-dollar question. While almost all groomers agree that a puppy cut means an all-over, one-length cut, that is where the agreement ends. There is a lot of discretion in a puppy cut. How long should the length be? What should the groomer do when it comes to the head, tail, or ears? These questions can determine the results of the groom and should be resolved before leaving the dog groomer in Alexandria, VA.

Are Puppy Cuts Just for Poodles?

Puppy cuts were once synonymous with poodles. That is because they referred to the short trim that show poodles were given before they had enough hair to get a Continental haircut. However, puppy cuts are easy to maintain and soon became popular with all types of fluffy-haired dogs.

What Is a Shave Down?

While a shave down is similar to a puppy cut because it usually results in a uniform length of hair all over the body, it usually implies shorter, less-fluffy hair as a result. Shave downs are often done if a pet has a lot of mats in their fur or if the owner is trying to eliminate shedding.

What Is a Teddy Bear Cut?

A teddy bear cut usually refers to a trim that is one length on the body and legs of the dog but with some hair left on the head and sometimes the tail. Depending on the groomer, a teddy bear cut may be the same as a puppy cut.

Be Specific

With so many terms being used interchangeably, it is important to be sure the groomer understands a request. Taking the time to explain expectations, or even providing pictures to the groomer, can help to make sure there is a meeting of the minds. Click here to find out more information about dog grooming.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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