Go From Ordinary to Fantastic with a Complete Bathroom Remodel

Interior design is the art of combining various elements within a room to create one picture of elegance, class and unity. A properly designed room, whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, should make use of contrasting and complementing colors, artwork on the walls, window coverings and more. Nothing within the room should stand out, or instantly draw your eye. It should be an all-encompassing room with subtle design elements that pique your interests. For the beginner, being able to blend various colors and accents can be a hassle, and may often end in a room that didn’t meet your expectations, but for those with the experience and knowledge of color psychology, a completely empty room is likened to an artists’ blank canvas.

Starting from Scratch

Many homeowners who choose to remodel a bathroom opt for gutting the room of everything within it and starting from scratch. By hiring an interior designer right from the start, you can rest assured knowing each choice being made is being done with years of experience and knowledge. While it may not look like it will work out during the process, the finished result will be stunning. Bathroom interior design in St Louis is something many people think about tackling, but few actually make the call to a professional designer to turn that blank canvas of a room into a masterpiece of art and function.

Unique Plumbing Issues

Some people may be under the impression that working in a room with so many plumbing elements is going to end up being more trouble than its worth. But for those with the adventurous and confident side, your once ordinary bathroom can be turned into an area worthy of being featured in a magazine. Standard tub and shower combinations can be removed, and a garden tub can be installed on a unique bed of smooth lava stones for accent. Not only does this provide you with a more comfortable place to relax after a stressful day, but it instantly helps take the bathroom from casual to classy. The same can be done with the commode; the aged and stained toilet can be removed, and a water-saving unit or bidet can be installed instead. In fact, with the right experience or guidance from a professional design team, you can redirect the existing plumbing lines to suit your every desire. When considering a bathroom remodel, you are really only limited by your budget. If you can dream it, chances are there’s a design team that can create it.

Turn your new house into a welcoming home with bathroom interior design in St Louis. Contact S & K Interior Designers team if you want to go from casual to classy with any room in your home.

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