Gramercy Park – The Ultimate Upscale Manhattan Neighborhood

In the middle of a number of sky piercing towers sits an urban sanctuary that has remained mostly unchanged in the heart of New York City. The Gramercy Park neighborhood is one that many individuals seek to live within. It stretches from 14th to 23rd St., and from Park Ave. South to third Avenue. Currently, the park is only one of two privately owned parks currently operating within the city limits of New York City.


The area is known for its architecturally beautiful buildings. At 34 Gramercy Park East, is the oldest co-op still operating within the city. It was also the first residential building to ever boast an elevator installation. On 15 Gramercy Park South, is a large Victorian mansion designed by Calvert Vaux. The area as a whole is known for its beautiful architecture and designs, giving it a unique look and feel within the heart of Manhattan, New York City.

Private-Access Park

Gramercy Park is home to one of the only private parts still running within the city limits of New York City. The private access Park is only provided to individuals that live in the area directly surrounding the park. It can be very difficult to get a key, but those that live in the several condominiums and apartments located around the park to receive keys that grants them access to the park for a small yearly fee.

Beloved Restaurants

Gramercy Park is also home to a number of very well-known restaurants which have sprouted up throughout the area. One of the best-known restaurants in the area is the Gramercy Tavern, which features American cuisine. Pete’s Tavern is another highly trafficked restaurant in the area, along with Craft – a restaurant that allows patrons to build their own meal from scratch.

City-Living, Rural-Feel

Are you the type of individual that wants to live in a rural area, but doesn’t want to deal with the commute to the city? The Gramercy Park historical district is known for providing all of the benefits that city living provides, keeping inhabitants close to the downtown Manhattan area, while still providing the borough-feel that many individuals are looking for.

The Gramercy Park is one that receives a lot of attention for individuals that work in the city, but are looking to live in a quiet and safe area. It’s almost as if the area is its own city, contained within the confines of New York City.

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