Guide to Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop

by | Jul 5, 2013 | Automotive

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Finding the right place for Auto repair, especially when you urgently need to fix a problem with your car, can a daunting task. The best time to identify the perfect shop for auto repair is when you are not in need of a repair. This is when there is no rush or pressure to find Auto repair quickly.

The best place to start the search for good repair shop is to ask friends and neighbors about the place they use for auto repair in Clearwater, FL. Recommendation from the people you know is reliable.

Overall Look

The look of the repair shop should be appealing. Once you have identified a few repair shops, drive around and see how if they are clean and organized. Look around the customer service areas for community service awards, AAA approved Auto repair status, customer service awards etc. These speak a lot about the professionalism of the center which determines the service offered.


Check the internet to find the repair shops you are interested in and look through the reviews other customers have provided. The reviews that speak about concessions and price are not as important as the ones that speak about the service offered.


Speak to the people at the store and find out the about the professional association they belong to. To gain membership in associations like AAA (AAA Approved Auto Repair), TechNet etc, it is necessary to exhibit a level of expertise and standards of service.

Skilled labor

Certificates of advanced course work, ASE certification render a national standard of technical competence. These also give an assurance that the mechanics are trained in the latest technology and are up-to-date with the developments in their field.

Repair systems and Technology

Current up-to-date systems and equipment are vital for proper diagnosis, identification and repair. If the store does not have the latest technology, then the service of repair they offer would also be compromised.

Using the recommendations and reviews as a starting point and further research with all the requirements in mind will help find the right place for auto repair in Clearwater, FL. Finding the right auto repair will help get your car serviced well and safely with no constraints or rush.

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