Have Fun With Truck Accessories In Shingle Springs While You Are Waiting For Your Trailer

So you’ve purchased your new travel trailer and you have had it adjusted to fit your vehicle. You are ready for a trip but you know there are a few missing accessories that you would surely miss out on the open road. Make a list of household necessities that you will need that only Truck Accessories Shingle Springs will be able to outfit for your new rig. You simply shouldn’t throw a clean set of dishes in the kitchen and think you are loaded.

Speaking of kitchens, this will be the biggest section to shop in for the best truck accessories Shingle Springs. This is because this will be the most used location in your trailer. Besides the basic dishes and pots and pans have you thought about a kitchen sink stopper? Some sinks don’t come with one and since it may be a specialty item in your trailer only an specialized dealer may have it in stock. If this is just the basic of the kitchen equipment can you imagine what accessories you can purchase for your power and water needs?

While the kitchen may be the most used place, second to that will be the commode although not a popular subject. Did you know that unless you are fully aware of what your new trailer can handle you should stick with the specialty toilet paper that can be used in your bathroom. For some that may only be a special one-ply paper but for others you may need a particular brand of RV paper.

While a stopper for a kitchen sink may seem like a necessary accessory that should come with an RV and doesn’t, the same can be said of the fresh water holding tank supplies. You will need a separate water hose designated for fresh water and with that, you will need to have a special container to hold it preferably away from contaminants like the sewer. You will also need separate drain hoses and fittings.

Have your Vintage Transport dealer share with you any other special Truck Accessories Shingle Springs that may be needed for your trailer. In most cases a customer will not drive off the lot the same day they look at a trailer so you have some time to do the fun accessory shopping while you are waiting for your RV or trailer to be ready to hook up to your vehicle.

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