High-frequency transformers and various industrial applications

Many applications in the aerospace and military industries require high-frequency transformers to properly power engines and other electronics that require a frequency higher than 60 Hz. The industry standard for transformers is normally 50 or 60 Hz, though they can easily reach 400 Hz which is the high frequency (HF) spectrum. This is normally limited to the aerospace industry and radio transmitting systems both on the ground and in the air.

Properly selecting a high frequency transformer for your uses

Most standard HF transformers have a power output range of 250, 350, 500 or 1000 W. With each of these units the frequency can range from a mere 45 Hz to the extreme HF of 800,000 Hz. Depending on the type of machine and its unique electromagnetic needs, you can find a variety of HF units to get the job done. Be sure you understand the frequencies needed and you stay within them otherwise workers can get hurt or even killed. In an industrial application where a transformer of these sizes is needed be sure to assign only qualified workers to those areas for safety and liability reasons.

Robotics in the industrial manufacturing lines

Robotics of various types of been used within the industrial world for many years as they can withstand extreme temperatures, high radiation and dangerous chemicals which human worker cannot. Robots do not require breaks nor do they need safety precautions in place when working in dangerous situations so many cases they are used heavily on many manufacturing production lines. Robots are common in the automotive industry as arc welders since they do not require safety equipment to deal with the dangerous fumes; they can also lift large car parts on their own without any danger of being injured if a piece falls or another accident happens.

Medical industry robotics and their power requirements

Robotics are also seen quite often in the medical industry as they can withstand radiation and can perform intricate tasks without any differences regardless of the number of repetitions they are required to complete. All robotics have unique power needs and can require either constant current supplies or various types of transformers to strictly regulate the voltage and wattage that reaches the machine. In an industry where robotic is required to have fine motor skills higher frequency such as that around 400 Hz may be required for optimum performance.

When your project calls for a high-frequency transformer make sure you are purchasing from a reliable source such as amp-line

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