Hire A Defense Lawyer For Your Criminal Charge

If you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal offense, there are several things that should be addressed. First, the type of charge may seem minor to you, but it is always wise to get advised about how even a seemingly minor criminal charge could affect your future criminal record.

Any charge that carries the possibility of jail time is a criminal offense and in some situations, accumulating even a small number of this type of offense can add up to serious future repercussions for the defendant.

It is wise to always get advice from an attorney who works in the courts where you will be attending your arraignment. Local lawyers are familiar with the landscape of the courts and they are also able to recognize the prosecutors and judges.

This familiarity that the attorney has with the court staff and the prosecutors can work in their clients’ favor, helping the lawyer to more easily converse with the prosecution while they are negotiating on behalf of the defendant.

Anyone who retains the services of the Defense Attorney Anacortes can rest assured that their best interests will be spoken for at each court appearance. Having your own private attorney is the same as having an advocate who is there to protect your rights and to look for ways that the evidence against you could be challenged.

Powers & Costeck work with the local courts and represent defendants who are appearing in court from the beginning of their case, all the way through its disposition. Whether it is an arraignment, a pre-trial, a settlement conference, or an actual trial with a judge or a jury, the lawyers are there with their clients, working toward getting the case resolved in a manner that is in their clients’ best interests.

It is always wise to be as fully informed as possible when you are defending against any kind of criminal charge. Court cases are filled with documents, police reports and other paperwork that must be clearly understood by the defendant so that they are aware of just what they are facing. Having your own lawyer can give you someone to depend on when you have questions about anything pertaining to your case.

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