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Being in a car accident is a terrifying experience. Even a small fender bender can leave a person with many stiff muscles and a headache. It is very understandable that the average person, who might never have been in an accident before, doesn’t know what to do. If they are smart, they should contact a Car Accident Lawyer Moore OK practice. The experienced attorney will explain to them the best way to proceed to protect their rights. It is possible that the true nature of their injuries won’t be understood for a few weeks after the accident.

If a driver was involved in a tractor trailer accident, it is even more important that they contact a Truck Accident attorneys Moore OK practice. Trucking companies have lawyers and private investigators ready to visit an accident scene at a moment’s notice. They can interview witnesses including the car driver. That driver could mistakenly say something when they are in shock that could jeopardize their future rights to a settlement. Even refusing an ambulance trip to the hospital and saying that they feel fine will become evidence at a trial. Whiplash symptoms can take several days to develop.

Trucking companies use GPS monitors and black boxes similar to those use in airliners to track their trucker’s route and productivity. A good Truck Accident attorneys Moore OK practice will know how to access that information. The will also know how to preserve evidence so the trucking company can’t say that it was lost in the confusion. They will be able to send out their own lawyers and investigators to interview the truck driver. It’s also important to interact with the state and local police. It is helpful for a trial lawyer to understand the viewpoint of the officers who were first on the scene.

Most drivers have smart phones these days, where they can quickly look up a city’s most prominent accident lawyer. They can easily make a phone call regardless of the hour of the day. Someone will answer the phone and give them valuable advice. Lawyers take this type of case of a contingency basis, so there is no charge to the person making the phone call.

Are you dealing with a permanent injury and/or mounting medical bills? Have you lost a loved one due to injuries sustained in a traffic accident? If so, The Law Offices Of Mark S. Cooper is here to provide the legal support you need.

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