Hiring A Social Security Lawyer In Newburgh, NY To Initiate Your Disabled Child’s Rights

New York parents who wish to file a social security claim for their child should review all eligibility requirements for these benefits. These benefits were designed to help families with low income accommodate the needs of children who are struggling with physical and mental conditions. These programs provide them with a supplement to help them financially support their families and acquire health insurance for the child. If your child was denied these benefits you should contact a Social Security Lawyer in Newburgh NY to fight for the rights of your child.

Income Requirements

When you file a claim for a disabled child, the first element that the SSA will review is your income. If you are married, the agency will review your spouse’s income as well. As a married couple, you are not allowed to possess any assets or funds that exceed $3,000 within a month. This includes your earnings, dividends from savings or stocks, and proceeds that are given to you through charities. If you or your spouse are self-employed, you are required to submit earnings reports to the SSA each month in some cases to retain eligibility for your child.

Medical Evaluation

Next, the SSA will review your child’s condition and determine whether or not the medical records you provided are enough evidence to prove that your child is disabled. If the agency requires more information, they will schedule appointments for your child with their doctors to evaluate the condition further. The findings of these doctors will determine whether or not the application is approved. If your child is denied benefits, you have the right to file an appeal based on the limitations identified in the decision letter.

If your child was denied when he or she possesses an eligible disability as outlined in the SSI guidelines, you have the right to file a claim through the court. When you choose to file an appeal you should never approach the court without a Social Security Lawyer in Newburgh NY representing you. These attorneys are more familiar with the hidden agenda of the SSA and understand how to navigate beyond these unethical practices. For more details browse us.

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