Hiring Labor Law Attorneys In Northampton, MA For Unethical Actions

In Massachusetts, timesheet modification is a crime and could reduce the wages in which the employee earns each pay period. According to national employment laws, all employees who work beyond the standard forty-hour workweek are entitled to time and a half time for each hour worked. With these modifications, workers do not receive these requirements. If your boss is modifying your timesheet to reduce your pay, you should contact Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA now, by visiting Cmolawyers.com today.

Unethical Reward of Benefits

It is necessary for all employers to maintain accurate records of the hours in which their employees work. However, in some circumstances in which employers may acquire a bonus for labor reductions, they may initiate unethical practices to acquire these benefits. Unfortunately for the workers, these reductions can prevent them from receiving the full amount of their pay.

Employers such as gas station managers primarily where turnarounds are high often get away with these actions. The problem in most cases is that there isn’t an electronic timesheet system in play that captures all hours worked. And more often than not the managers will alter the hours or demand that the worker record business hours only on their timesheets. This requires them to work within time periods for which they will not receive pay.

Reviewing Your Paystub

To prove that this behavior is occurring you should obtain a copy of your timesheet along with your pay stub. If your attorney identifies a pattern in which your hours were reduced on your paycheck, and you were not paid for overtime hours, you have a case against your employer. However, you must present evidence that it was your manager which made these modifications.

Identifying reductions in pay based on reward of benefits could help you to build a case against your employer for a violation of labor laws. The legislation was put in place to prevent these circumstances, however; millions of employees do not receive their full wages due to a lack of understanding of the law. If you need assistance with a claim against your employer for these reasons, contact Labor Law Attorneys Northampton MA today. Click here for more details about the professional labor law attorneys in Northampton, MA.

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