Hiring Personal Injury Lawyers In Waukesha, WI

Personal Injury Lawyers in Waukesha, WI offer the chance for you to state the exact events that caused your injury. These events determine who is at fault for the injury and the ultimate cause for the accident in the first place. Within your personal injury claim you can present these facts to the judge to allow him or her to see your point of view and comprehend the full impact that this accident had on your life. To produce a personal injury claim contact the Law Office of David J. Lisko today.

Injuries On The Construction Site

When you are injured on the construction site it is probable that you will receive detrimental injuries based on the environment in which the accident occurred. If you perform construction duties on a highrise building or within difficult terrain, it is possible for you to sustain a permanent injury. The medical evidence presented within your case will outline the severity of your injuries and assist the judge in making a final decision. If you did sustain a permanent injury or loss of limb a large settlement is possible in your case.

Local Injury Attorney

The Law Office of David J. Lisko offers you the chance to file a claim for your personal injuries. These claims present medical evidence and testimony associated with the accident that produced your injuries. They provide legal assistance for victims of construction accidents and will present the exact occurrences that produced your injuries in court for you. To hire an attorney within this law firm contact David J. Lisko.


Personal Injury Lawyers in Waukesha, WI can present you after you are injured within a construction site. Your employer is required to file an insurance claim through worker’s compensation when these events occur. However, some employers will attempt to avoid these claims as it presents higher costs for insurance premiums. If you are a victim of a construction site-based injury and were not provided with medical coverage and compensation for your injuries contact the Law Office of David J. Lisko immediately.

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