Homeowners Are Choosing Metal Roof Installation in Dayton, OH More Frequently

Metal roofs have always been a popular alternative for businesses, homeowners are now choosing them as well. They often choose the Legendary Roofing Company for their Metal Roof installation in Dayton OH,. When they hire this small and personal local contractor, they hire someone who will carefully explain their options to them. While standard shingle roofs have warranties that last between 15 and 20 years, metal roof warranties can extend to 50 years. The higher installation cost is more than matched by the durability of metal roofs.

A metal roof stands up well to a punishing hail storm or winter blizzards. Many homeowners have shied away from them because they fear that they are noisy. This is probably because they’ve been inside a barn or shed with a metal roof. These usually don’t have any insulation or pitched metal shingles. The metal roof industry has worked to create metal roofing products that minimize the sound of rain or sleet falling on them. They are often as quiet as traditional shingles or shakes. However, metal roofing materials also come with insulation. This makes them even quieter.

Homeowners who like to live according to sustainable living principles often choose Metal Roof installation, in Dayton, OH because metal roofs are made from almost 100 percent recycled materials. The fact that they only have to be replaced every 50 years means that there won’t be any fuel used to continually make new roofing products. Metal roofing materials can also be coated to reflect the sunlight and keep cooling costs lower in the summer. If local building regulations and the condition of the existing roof permit it, the metal roof is light enough to put over existing shingles. This adds an extra layer of insulation.

Copper, aluminum, steel and iron are the most common metals used to create roofing materials. Homeowners can talk to their roofing contractor to determine which type of roof is best for their situation. Each metal reflects light differently, weighs a different amount and rusts at a different rate. This will affect the lifespan of the roof and heating and cooling costs within the home.

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