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Hosting a Baby Shower: Baby Shower Venues

If you are planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, there are several things you should keep in mind when searching for baby shower venues.

The role of the hostess for a baby shower is to plan, invite, and ensure the event goes off without any issues. There really is no wrong way to throw a baby shower. The success of the shower depends on the guests and the host. However, before you start planning a shower, you should decide on where to host it. So, to help you choose where to host your shower, here are a few things to consider.

The first rule is to never ask the mom-to-be where to host the shower. Expectant mothers have a lot of their mind, so it is best to not burden them with them with these types of questions. It is ok to ask the mom-to-be for an invitation list if the shower is not a surprise.

You should have a general count of how many people will attend before deciding on a venue. If just a handful of people attending the shower then someplace intimate such as a friend’s home, backyard, or a restaurant may be appropriate. For larger groups a restaurant with a reserved private room, a hotel, or meeting place will provide a nice place for a shower.

Meeting spaces such as upscale tea rooms, a club hall, indoor garden spaces, or similar venues should be booked many months in advance.

If you opt for an outdoor shower, then a backup plan should be made in case of unexpected bad weather. Also, consider seating options and temperature. The mother-to-be will not be able to sit outside on the ground in the heat for very long.

There are many options for baby shower venues. You only have to decide which venue is best for your guests.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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