How a Compassionate & Experienced Fertility Doctor Can Help

When a couple is yearning to have a child but are unable to conceive or otherwise get or remain pregnant, it can be a devastating blow to the woman and the partner if there is one. Learn how a compassionate and experienced fertility doctor Orlando couples are raving about can help in your particular situation. This fertility clinic offers many advanced fertility services. These include an in-depth and very thorough fertility examination to determine the exact cause or causes of this issue. The clinic also provides a fine IVF program, short for in-vitro fertilization, that has helped many in the area achieve their family dreams.

In addition to a seasoned and incredibly talented and knowledgeable fertility doctor Orlando patients unable to have the family that they desire have come to trust, the clinic also runs an excellent and often successful IVF program as well. The clinic has comfortable rooms with a calm atmosphere, and the staff are discrete and take each patient’s privacy very seriously. There are so many advances in the field of reproductive health, and many patients that haven’t checked into the newer options often are unaware that they even exist. Many couples are able to achieve pregnancy by addressing underlying conditions that might be impacting fertility.

During the woman’s menstrual cycle, our reproduction specialists will take certain tests throughout that month. These tests are taken at various time frames through the month, and the exact tests to be performed will depend on each couple’s personalized plan of care following their initial assessment. The clinic can deliver IVF if recommended and desired. Some couples want to explore future fertility options like egg retrieval for future pregnancy efforts and evaluation of a man’s sperm counts and related factors. Contact Advanced Reproductive Specialists at for details or appointment scheduling.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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