How a Therapeutic Mentor in Boulder can Help Young Adults Achieve Success

Success in life comes in different forms. While each of us have our own personal growth areas, some may have exceptional difficulties in certain areas of life. Adolescents in the Boulder area are still in the formative stages of their growth and development. Young adults who have not received the instruction which was a good fit with their unique styles of learning may not have fully developed in social and functional growth to the extent of their true abilities. It is under these circumstances a therapeutic mentor in Boulder can become a valuable resource in assessing the underlying issues and compassionately providing the mentoring in a way which will help the young person to gain the skills and confidence needed to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

What is a Therapeutic Mentor?

This is a person who has the skills and training to provide the additional support which adolescents and young adults may need to learn how to function in their daily lives. The therapeutic mentor meets the person at whatever stage of development they are at and addresses common issues such as communication skills, social anxieties and needs. They then help them in developing the skills to perform the tasks associated with daily living.

What Clients Learn

Clients in the Boulder area learn how to interact in a variety of social settings and contexts. The therapeutic mentor monitors progress and addresses the complexities surrounding each issue during the process so the client gains meaningful life skills and understanding along the way. Supervision of these activities is used in conjunction with discussions and strategic planning that will enable the client to become more proficient at handling problem areas and increase in their confidence level.

Topics Covered

Mental health and addiction issues are addressed along with tendencies towards self-harming behaviors, self-esteem, relationship dynamics, and issues at school or with job performance and interactions with family members. Clients are given the opportunities to gain hands on experience from the safety of a stable and supportive environment. Clients learn about health, fitness, nutrition, recreation, emotional well-being, how to maintain healthy relationships, independent living skills and job readiness. Clients learn how to be successful in their current environment before moving on to the next step.

Expand Mentoring LLC., provides clients with a high quality and caring therapeutic mentor in the Boulder area to assist in learning vital life skills. They specialize in serving adolescents and young adults who can benefit from the use of their services.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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