How Can the Dentist in Haleiwa Treat Your Sensitive Teeth?

When every bite of ice cream or sip of hot coffee causes you pain and sensitivity, it can be difficult to deal with. In some cases, sensitivity can be so severe it is even painful to brush or floss. When this occurs, there is help to be found through the Dentist in Haleiwa. The dentist has several treatment options that can assist people in overcoming their sensitive teeth so they can eat and function normally.

Sensitive teeth can be caused by:

* Fractures in the teeth can allow the nerve to be exposed, which can lead to pain and sensitivity.

* When a person suffers with a cavity, this can lead to problems with the nerve.

* If a filling is coming loose or is worn down, this can lead to problems.

* Worn enamel can also lead to sensitive teeth.

* If a tooth’s root is exposed in any way, increased sensitivity may occur.

If you are suffering with tooth sensitivity, it is a good idea to see the Dentist in Haleiwa. The dentist may be able to treat your teeth with Fluoride, which can often help to reduce the pain and irritation signals your nerves are sending. This gel helps to fortify the strength of the enamel so hot and cold liquids, foods and air do not affect the teeth.

A crown is also a viable treatment for tooth sensitivity. Crowns completely cover the exposed areas of the tooth so it is protected. This helps to prevent any pain and sensitivity from occurring. Crowns can offer protection for several years, as long as they are taken care of.

In instances where there is severe irritation, pain and sensitivity, a root canal may be performed. During this procedure the nerve is removed. By removing the nerve, the problem is often eliminated permanently.

If you are suffering with increasing tooth sensitivity and have not been able to find relief through desensitizing toothpastes, make sure you contact your dentist right away. The dentist can help to treat your teeth so your sensitivity problems are dramatically reduced or even ended permanently. Call today for your appointment so your teeth can be cared for.

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