How Does A Drywall Contractor Help You?

by | Apr 14, 2012 | Business

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Most homeowners across the world are pestered with damp patch appearance in the walls of their washrooms and kitchens mainly caused by a leaking pipeline or faucet. During extreme winter and monsoons, this problem reappears due to the high humidity conditions of the area. The problem of damp walls is found to affect offices the most. Yes, one constant aspect of corporate and commercial offices is the presence of computers, desktops, and moisture sensitive gadgets. In addition to moisture sensitivity inside the office premises, the aesthetic appeal of the office is also affected due to the presence of damp patches on walls. The only solution available in such cases, is the use of drywalls.

What Are Drywalls?

As is well known, drywalls are artificially developed wall boards, which are made up of gypsum plaster. Also, referred to as plasterboard or gypsum boards, the plaster is pressed between thick sheets of paper on either side. The use of drywalls definitely has many advantages over the use of lath or plaster, which, in turn, has led to its increased popularity, today. It is also a ready alternative to the use of any other wall plastering technique since the amount of time required in installing drywalls is much lesser than that required for other techniques. A typical drywall contractor will be able to tell you how easy it is to get plasterboards installed in your home or office.

The Role Of The Contractor

In most cases, these drywalls are screwed into wall studs or joists from the ceiling. Many contractors nail the boards directly onto the existing walls of your home. These days, you come across boards having a thickness of 1/2” or 5/8”. Sheet sizes range between four feet and eight feet to four feet and twelve feet. These sizes allow drywall contractors to cut out the size required at work, depending upon the room dimensions.

You can go for the use of printed or plain drywalls in your home or office. Another advantage of using drywalls is that they can be painted to match the room color. Therefore, you can create different room themes using these plasterboards. Many interior decorators prefer to use textured drywalls. A well established drywall contractor will be able to undertake texturing of these boards before installing them in your home or office. Textured plasterboards have a better finish when painted and are preferred whenever there is a need to impart an exclusive finish to a certain room. Thus, with the efficient services of an experienced drywall contractor, South Bay area residents should be able to overcome wall moisture issues in their homes and offices.


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