How Green Are Your Shipping Practices?

Moving a large diesel powered truck from coast to coast will not appear ideal among those supporting the most environmentally friendly method of sending or receiving goods for sale. How can you help your LTL trucking services operate as green and environmentally welcoming as possible?

Sending Less Than Load (LTL) Advantages

When the end user customer understands that you are attempting to reduce your carbon footprint by combining your load with that of other customers so that the tracking service can arrange for a full load to travel long distance, they will understand that you are trying to save the environment and at the same time lowering the cost of the goods. Your LTL trucking services must match the fuel economy regulations which increases the tolerance for environmentally friendly customers to accept goods being transported long distance.

Using Technology

By adopting a better driving practice, more efficient driving styles can be provided by the drivers as technology helps individuals predict the roads, gradients, and driving conditions ahead to suggest and offer smoother tracking experiences.

LTL trucking services can take advantage of modern technology by offering real-time tracking of delivery trucking, so each individual in the supply chain will be able to assess the rolling assets and onboard freight with a few simple clicks.

Upgrading the efficiency of routing your delivery trucks, reduces the fuel and maintenance required for your fleet. By bringing customers together with your less than load advantages, to fill your trucks and reduce the number of deadhead trips on your return, your fuel is moving more freight with more efficiency.

By focusing your drivers on fuel consumption, you may be gradually reducing the risk of accidents and increasing their driving style, making maximum use of end high fuel consumption, usually as the trucks move off and stop rapidly.

A modern and well-maintained fleet is always more effective for truckers, shippers and the environment and where customers believe you are doing all you can to achieve maximum efficiency, they will understand that going green is a process that is gradually winning the race.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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